Endowment Values by Unit

Shown below is the value of each unit’s endowment held by the Texas A&M Foundation for the benefit of Texas A&M University as of June 30, 2020. The combined value of these endowments totals more than $1.57 billion.

*Includes Texas A&M University Press, KAMU-TV, Reed Arena, non-designated endowments and endowments with split beneficiaries.

Endowment Performance Over Time

The Texas A&M Foundation invests endowments using asset allocation to maximize growth while safeguarding capital during tough economic times. The chart below illustrates the market value of a $100,000 endowed scholarship created in 2000 and its cumulative value of student stipends. This single endowment would have paid out approximately $5,000 annually for a total of $105,931 by 2020. Its market value after 20 years would be $126,904.

Long-Term Investment Pool Growth

The long-term investment pool (LTIP)—which has a total value of $1.9 billion—has consistently met or exceeded our portfolio management guidelines, resulting in both the growth of funds available to Texas A&M University and the asset size of the portfolio. The LTIP is composed mostly of endowments, but also includes other non-endowed funds invested for the long term.

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