Change in Net Assets

The Foundation's net assets increased 2.5% during the 2020 fiscal year.

$2,140,000,000 Total net assets
in fiscal year 2020
2.5% Net asset increase
in fiscal year 2020
Annual totals for fiscal years 2011-2020

Gifts to Texas A&M

Donors gave more than $289 million to the Texas A&M Foundation and Texas A&M University during fiscal year 2020. This total includes cash gifts, future pledge payments at full face value, and revocable and irrevocable planned gifts.

For every dollar raised during the past five years, the Foundation has spent an average of 13.5 cents.


Total donors


Total number of gifts received


Total value of gifts received


Average gift value

$0.01 to $45,000,000

Range of gift value

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