Texas A&M Foundation 2020 Annual Report

Welcome to the Texas A&M Foundation’s 2020 annual report.

George K. Hickox and Eddie J. Davis

With Endless Thanks

When we reflect on the history of Texas A&M University from its humble beginnings as a land-grant college to the tremendous institution of higher education it is today, we do not see a story of uncomplicated growth and prosperity. Rather, we see a history rife with challenges; one in which Aggies routinely faced difficult and unprecedented circumstances. Most importantly, we see how their resilient response to each challenge not only made the university stronger but also shaped what it means to be an Aggie over time.

Make no mistake: This year challenged Texas A&M and the Texas A&M Foundation as much as it did every other great institution across the world. However, we present this annual report with great pride, gratitude and hope because so many Aggies and friends of the university offered their support in the face of adversity. Even amidst a dire financial crisis in the second half of fiscal year 2020, our donors continued to give generously toward the advancement of our university and its students, faculty and staff.

Despite the events of this year, our chief focus remained the same: to conclude the historic Lead by Example capital campaign and raise $4 billion for Texas A&M by the end of the year. Thanks to gifts from thousands of individuals, corporations and foundations who invested in Aggieland, we will surpass the goal by an impressive margin. That may seem surprising to some, but not to us. The instinct to go above and beyond is as much a part of Texas A&M’s identity as its unique and timeless values. So, while we remain unsurprised by your boundless generosity during this campaign, we also remain deeply grateful for it.

This report includes just a few of the notable major gifts we received this fiscal year, including a
$5 million commitment from Ellie and Don Knauss to name the Veteran Resource & Support Center, a $10 million gift from Sugar and Mike Barnes ’64 to name the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, and a monumental 2,500-acre real estate planned gift from Deborah and Bill Keyes. Even though the Lead by Example campaign’s goal is well defined, the collective impact that its gifts will have on Texas A&M’s future is beyond measure.

We are just as proud to announce another milestone worthy of celebration. We have worked with the Division of Student Affairs to measure and count the number of student service hours given to various volunteer causes throughout the campaign. Although a new initiative, we have confidently documented almost 12 million hours given in service by the student body and are counting those as another way Texas A&M leads by example!

Through thick and thin, our donors have remained faithful in their commitment to building a brighter future for this university. While your selfless contributions may not make the headlines as easily as stories of setbacks and strife, your legacy will live on in the generations of students who learn to be leaders right here in Aggieland.

Thanks for all you do and for leading by example.

Kathleen Gibson ’81

Board Chair

Kathleen Gibson ’81

Tyson Voelkel '96

President & CEO

Tyson Voelkel